” make That tha cat wise”


Ken je de FB pagina  ” make That the cat wise ” ?

They hate you welcome here  KLIK

het ontzettend leuk om daar eens te kijken.

bovendien kun je zelf meedoen…..nou dat moet je tegen mij niet zeggen.

I allready stand in the startblocks



klik op de banner

the cat wise


10 gedachten over “” make That tha cat wise”

  1. That you must not say so, kunstmus. I have the feeling that you overdarling me.
    Look, that mr. Kunstmus is now so clever, ok, but not every human is a God in his own thoughts, let stand in that of others.
    I am a simple Duckreader. My brain walks on little batteries and sometimes on steam (you can see that becomes it comes out of my ears when I try to sink. How than ever, I fear that I have to hold it by this.


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